Launch Your Journey With Best BTech College in Gurgaon BM Group

Aspiring engineers, listen up! Your path to a thriving B.Tech career starts right here in Gurugram, at BM Group Best B.Tech College, the undisputed champion of tech education. BM Group isn't just classrooms and books – it's a tech playground with fancy labs, connections to cool companies, and teachers who are like your biggest fans, always cheering you on!

So, why choose BM Group? Because it's not just a college; it's an investment in your future. It's a place where your B.Tech dreams take flight, fueled by cutting-edge facilities, industry-ready skills, professor powerhouses, a supportive community, and a life beyond the books.


Our Courses ‘B.Tech’:-


  • Computer Science Engineering:- Unleash your coding potential: Delve into the fascinating world of algorithms, software development, and artificial intelligence. Build web applications, mobile apps, and even intelligent systems that shape your future.


  • Civil Engineering:- Shape the infrastructure of tomorrow: Design and build the bridges, roads, and buildings that connect communities and drive progress. Master the principles of structural analysis, construction management, and sustainable design.


  • B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg:- Connect the world through technology: Design and develop the communication systems that keep us connected — from mobile networks to satellite technology. Understand the intricacies of electronics, signal processing, and embedded systems.


  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering:- Fascinated by engines and robots? Design and build the machines that power our world, from cars to robots to everyday appliances!


  • B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engg:- Power the future with electricity: Design and manage the electrical systems that keep our cities and industries running. Master the principles of power generation, transmission, and control systems.



Eligibility and Duration:

All B.Tech programs require either passing 10+2 with 45% marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) or a Diploma with 45% marks. The duration for all programs is 4 years, except for Lateral Entry, which is 3 years for Diploma holders with 50% marks.




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