BM Group BTech College In Bihar Live Your Study Dreams

 BM Group B.Tech Collage In Bihar: Live your Study dreams

Aspiring engineers, listen up! Your path to a thriving B.Tech career starts right here in Bihar, at BM Group Best B.Tech College, the undisputed champion of tech education. BM Group isn't just classrooms and books – it's a wall of trust which is made by your parents for your bright future. That’s why it is our responsibility to provide you with everything in top-notch condition like:- fancy labs, connections to cool companies, and teachers who care about your bright future!

Why choose BM Group? 

Because it's not just a college; it's a key for your bright future. It's a place where your B.Tech dreams take the right route by cutting-edge facilities, industry-ready skills, professor powerhouses, a supportive community, and a life beyond the books.


Our Courses ‘B.Tech’:-


  • Computer Science Engineering:- Give a free flow to your coding potential: Delve into the fascinating world of algorithms, software development, and artificial intelligence. Build web applications, mobile apps, and even intelligent systems that give a healthy push to your future.


  • Civil Engineering:- With your unique way, design the infrastructure of tomorrow: Design and build the bridges, roads, and buildings that connect communities and drive progress. Master the principles of structural analysis, construction management, and sustainable design.


  • B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engg:- Connect the real world through technology: Get a chance to design and develop the communication systems that keep us connected — from mobile networks to satellite technology. Understand the intricacies of electronics, signal processing, and embedded systems.


  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering:- Fascinated by engines and robots? Design and build the machines Which is the future of  our world, from cars to robots to everyday appliances which we use on our daily basis things!



  • B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engg:- Power the future with electricity: Design and manage the electrical systems that keep our cities and industries running. Master the principles of power generation, transmission, and control systems.



Eligibility and Duration:

All B.Tech programs require either passing 10+2 with 45% marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) or a Diploma with 45% marks. The duration for all programs is 4 years, except for Lateral Entry, which is 3 years for Diploma holders with 50% marks.

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