Affiliated to : HSBTE - Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula
MDU - Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak
Approved by AICTE : All India Council for Technical Education



BM College of Technology & Management is one of the prestigious educational Institute in NCR whose mission is to meet the educational and cultural needs of the society by providing programs and services of the highest quality. It has committed itself to developing and enhancing various academic programs in the areas of science, business and information technology . It plays a significant role in leading cultural, social and economic development in the country. It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to BM College of Technology & Management

BM College of Technology & Management(BMCTM) has always been committed to providing its students with the finest education and a supportive learning environment. BMCTM works diligently to bridge the gap between the typical academic classroom experience and providing education necessary for the day-to-day demands of business and society. Additionally, the college recognizes that our students must be well-prepared to be valuable members of a rapidly changing society where it desires responsible and participative citizens.

In light of these demands, the college must be continuously improving academically and administratively. Therefore, the college has begun making major changes that directly impact and involve every aspect of the college that will allow our students to excel and be successful in career and life.

BM College of Technology & Management prepares courses of study for online delivery and self-study; and our students obtain quality learning by taking highly enriched modules of instruction and by undertaking academic exercises in a sequential manner. Its method of learning is through the online and offline study of lessons prepared by subject matter experts and moderated by the faculty. The academic programs we offer will not only provide the students with a wide range of courses to suit their individual needs and ambition, but will also nurture their sense of purpose and vision. All these are achieved through BMCTM classrooms which are rich, highly interactive and among the best that can be found anywhere in NCR today.

Our faculty is comprised of experienced professors from many prestigious foreign and local universities with strong educational credentials and a desire to teach. I encourage all to explore BMCTM programs in order to expand their educational and career possibilities. Join us as we drive towards very high quality and relevant education derived from a non-intimidating academic setting. Admission is open to learners from all parts of the world as long as they have reliable internet, postal and telecommunication services. Please browse our Website ( to discover the wonderful world of BM College of Technology & Management.